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Hosted FTP

FTP is the shortened name for File Transfer Protocal, it’s been around for many years but is still one of the best ways to send and receive large documents. At the IT Collective we’ve been using a great system which works in a similar way to YouSendIT and other such services. Our system can be tailored to your needs and requirements to allow you and your clients different ways to transfer files. We can customise a solution for you which allows one or all of the following. FTP access (not always browser friendly but handy for uploading large files), SFTP (similar to FTP but a secure connection), http (a fully functioning webpage with your corporate branding on or even a combination of your branding and your clients) and finally WEBDAV which is similar to being connected to a fileserver. Below are a few example pictures illustrating the different ways you can use our service. For our regular Collective customers the first account is free to use with a healthy 5GB limit and unlimited monthly transfers. For 25 accounts and a whopping 50GB limit the price is a very reasonable £40 per month. If having your own installation works out cheaper through the calendar year we are happy to set this up for you on site on your own hardware. We’ll even train your staff on how to make accounts.