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Backup Solutions

Backups are the most important part of any companies infrastructure but also one that is often neglected. We will tailor a solution to fit your needs with plenty of room for growth. It’s true that most companies never fully recover from a mass data loss, but when there are so many ways to make sure disaster never strikes, it’s something we never want to see happen to our customers. We also offer a tape storage service to keep your data securely at another location. We are very proud to have been recently been made Retrospect Elite partners and carry the full range of Retrospect products. We also like Carbon Copy Cloner from Bombich which is a very cheap and competent backup solution for backing up to disk, cloning and backing up to network volumes. If backups keep you awake at night or if you want an educated opinion on your existing setup or a free trial and install of Retrospect please Contact Us. Please look at the links below for more information on Retrospect and other backup solutions we recommend.

Carbon Copy Cloner