Better IT By Design

Our Specialities


From digitising old masters to setting up large XSAN installs we have you covered. We are fluent on Apple XSAN, Final Cut Studio Installs, Final Cut Server and Autodesk Flame amongst others. We can also help you get the most from Adobe Premiere and After Effects. We even offer our customers a video conversion service. Click here for more information.

We can install and manage a variety of backup software and hardware. From disk based backup for smaller companies to large tape library installs with complex backup scripts. We are experts in all manner of software from Synchronise Pro - Retrospect - Backup Exec to PressStore. Click here for more information
Design & Print Production

Almost everyone that works for the collective has a background in advertising and design. From our vast wealth of experience we can help you with a variety of problems including. Adobe Creative Suite Installations and Workstation specifications, Quark Xpress workflows, to choosing the right RIP and Printer. Click here for more information.
A/V Installations
We can help you choose the right projector and computer to present from to setting up full blown Audio & Video Installations. Our team will work with you to choose the right items for the job at hand. Click here for more information.

Other Specialist Services

We can transform a server room from Dante's inferno to an environmentally kind and efficient work horse.
We will probe, push, pull, prod and secure your network and ensure no prying eyes can peep into your business.
We can untangle your spaghetti and turn your comms room into a neat and professional work area. Where your data is stuck in unknown traffic, we will iron out bottlenecks and steer your data into the fast lane.
Hosted Services
We can offer you hosted FTP and email services tailored to your companies branding.
We can co-locate 1U to a cabinet full of your equipment with guaranteed levels of security and uptime with up to a gigabit of bandwidth.