Better IT By Design

Hardware and Software Sales

Believe it or not we know when and where we can and can’t compete. Hardware and software sales is the one area we just wouldn’t be able to offer you a cost effective option. However we put our heads together and came up with an alternative solution. We will source your hardware and software through our network of suppliers and get you the best deal. You tell us what you want to order and we’ll get you a quote from 3 different suppliers. We’ve already told them that’s how we’d like to operate and the ones we’ve hand picked have risen to the challenge. How does this work? Well we’ll send off your requirements to 3 different suppliers and they’ll each send us a quote back. We’ll put on our proposal the cheapest quote and include the offers from all the suppliers. If you end up taking up our proposal or not you can order from the cheapest supplier with no strings attached.

If you’d like us to order the hardware on your behalf and you don’t have an account with the supplier we will add a 4% surcharge on to the order. We’d ideally rather you struck up a relationship with the best supplier for you and dealt with them directly for billing. We think it’s proof that we are only interested in maintaining and servicing your business IT needs rather than trying to make a quick buck on under spec’d hardware like some of our competitors. We’ve included the suppliers we use below. The list is always subject to change and you’ll even find that some of them compete directly with the services we offer. We don’t mind, as long as you are getting a good service we’re happy.

Below are some of the companies we’ll be working with.

Trams are one of the oldest and most trusted Apple dealers in the UK.

7Th Sense are an IT support company based in northwest London. Great people to work with.
The number one company on the Times Top 100 Companies to work for in the UK.
10dot1 are specialists in Apple Xsan and development of bespoke computer solutions.
Specialising in Video solutions NMR are world renowned.

The Telephony experts that offer a wide range of solutions.
When it comes to reliable printing Minolta are on top.