Better IT By Design

The IT Collective Offering

IT is a critical aspect of your business but is also something you shouldn’t have to worry about. The IT Collective encompasses consultants with myriad years of experience in advertising, financial services, public relations and many other sectors to provide you with the best IT support – from managing your XSAN system to full Apple Mac and Windows support in London.

Our founding partners have 50 years of collective experience in the IT industry, providing PC and Apple Mac support to users within London and even abroad. From setting up mobile phones to building petabyte SANs we have the expertise on hand. We can manage your whole support with our experience of giving PC and Apple Mac support within London and beyond as well as managing your systems with our
XSAN support being second to none.

We're working on a new and improved website which will list the exciting range of products we carry and list our services. We hope to have this up and running in the next couple of months so please check back or contact us for a hassle free quote on IT support or software and hardware.
Please call us on +44 (0) 20 3657 6545 where we will be happy to talk through all your IT requirements. Alternatively email us.